Cheap Suzuki – The New Suzuki Swift

The New Suzuki Swift offers an eye catching design that is also spacious, user friendly and more enjoyable to drive than most small compact cars in it’s category. It’s about the size of the popular Mini Cooper and has been built to focus on the markets in Japan and Europe. It will be making its US debut sometime in 2010, offering the Americans the same kind of eco-friendly affordability that other countries have been experiencing from this new breed of Suzuki. In the Swift, consumers will be getting a glimpse of the exciting new concepts that Suzuki will be offering in models for years to come.

The new direction Suzuki is going in car design is very evident in this vehicle. Often called the great a great little big car, the New Suzuki Swift has a 1.5 box style that many of the European motorists seem to prefer best. The Swift is available in 6 stylish colors ranging form a blueish black pearl to a clean, crisp pearl white. It’s small sleek aerodynamic body looks sporty enough to appeal to those who dream of speeding around the country side but is also attractive to the couple looking for a reliable family car.

The Suzuki Swift offers 3 types of engine, the 1.3 liter M13A petrol engine, the 1.5 liter M15A petrol engine and the 1.3 liter DDiS diesel engine. Suzuki also has 3 transmissions available, a 4 speed and 5 speed automatic and a 5 speed manual transmission for those who enjoy using the gear stick.

Safety is, as always with any Cheap Suzuki vehicle, was a top priority in the making of the New Suzuki Swift. The design team has made a vehicle that is an excellent crash worthy structure. On the inside, engineers have incorporated such features as a collapsible steering column, leg-injury mitigating brake and clutch pedals and front, side and curtain air bags. Outside the fenders and bumpers and bonnet are constructed from materials that help protect pedestrians from injury during impact.

The Suzuki Swift is a vehicle that seems able to focus on both style and sportiness, offering all drivers a fun and safe driving experience.


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