Consider Corner Guards When Creating a Wheelchair Accessible Home

Regardless of how much one tries, it is close to impossible to create homes that are fully assessable and suitable to the needs of persons with disabilities. You may provide very spacious homes, hoping that a wheelchair can move across the home or the work place without any hindrances; but still the wheelchair accidentally hits the edges of the walls. Moreover, irrespective of how much you may to try to save the walls and see to it that they don’t get damaged due to wheelchairs colliding into them, somehow you cannot avoid this from happening forever. These collisions are especially harmful if they happen to meet the edges of the walls. When a wheelchair collides with the corner of a wall repeatedly, it tends to create scratches on the wall and chips the paint and can cause damage to the drywall. These types of incidents spoil the ambiance of the interior of a home.

Unnecessary maintenance costs to the wall can be avoided. Since it would be inappropriate to halt or restrict the movement of a person using the wheelchair, you need to find appropriate means to protect the wall. This can be done by covering your walls with Corner Guards.

Corner Guards help to protect walls against any damage to the corners if anything bumps or against the wall. The corner guards come in various shapes, sizes and colors and can be installed in every part of your house including, living room, dining room, bedrooms, kitchen, etc.

Not only are wheelchair accessible home protection options available for homes, but are also available to use in places like shopping centers, hotels, hospitals and Doctor offices. Since you never know when a person with disability may visit, and it only takes a single collision by his wheelchair to spoil the entire ambiance of your place, it is recommended that you take action in advance. The corner guards will ensure that whereas, on one hand, disabled are able to visit all these places without any problem and, your place also remains protected.


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