Corner Wardrobes With Sliding Doors Maximize Space

Enough closet space is one of the number one request of new home owners. If one or more bedrooms have small closets, then installing corner wardrobes with sliding doors will compensate for the lack of storage space without using a lot of floor space.

Nothing can transform a room more dramatically or quickly than a corner wardrobe. The eyes are immediately drawn to a tall, beautifully designed wardrobe with traditional doors. Then comes along the modern version with sliding doors and the “wow” factor is increased by ten.

Corner Wardrobes with Sliding Doors Provide Storage

The practical side of a wardrobe that fits in the corner of a room is that it provides needed extra storage for clothing, bedding and other items. Small bedrooms have very limited closet space even for a child’s room. A free-standing cabinet with sliding doors sitting in a corner may have shelves, drawers or both to store folding items and may have a hanging bar for clothing on hangers.

Corner Wardrobes with Sliding Doors Save Space

Another practical aspect of this piece of furniture is that because it sits in a corner, it saves space. Corner space normally goes unused in a bedroom because most people don’t wish to push a dresser into a corner but rather center a dresser on a wall. Since a corner cabinet fits easily into a corner and looks out into the room at the same time, it looks balanced.

A corner wardrobe with doors that slide not only frees up floor space, but wall space, too. The more wall space in a room that is free from furniture, the bigger the room looks. A corner cabinet with sliding doors saves even more space. Doors that open need clearance when opened. Sliding doors never swing out into the room.

Corner Wardrobes with Sliding Doors Add Beauty

You’ll find wardrobes come in every size, style and color. You may like the traditional look of wood. Wood wardrobes are available in oak, cherry, pine, mahogany and others. Pine is very popular because it can be stained or painted in any color to match your bedroom.


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