How to Spot a Fake Designer Bag

There are so many fake designer bags out there now days and they are so easy to get your hands on that it seems everyone has themselves a genuine designer handbag. You would think they would be easy to spot and yes there are still quite a few that are, however there are also many that are very hard to pick out as fake. The quality of fakes has become extremely good but there are still tell tale signs that give them away.

Material and Hardware

The bag will be made of high quality material and matched perfectly, on some items like the Louis Vuitton Fake Designer Bags  monogrammed bags there will be no bottom seams and the material will wrap all the way from front to back leaving the back side print upside down. The hardware will be heavy and made of a metal not painted plastic. It will also be stamped with the logo.


Take a careful look at the logo. It should be centred on the bag. Look to see if any of the logo’s have Fake Designer Bags been cut off in a seam or fold, a genuine bag will never have a logo in a position where it is cut in half or missing anything. If a pocket is sewn on the bag look to see if the logo is identical and matched to the bag pattern underneath it. If it’s not matching or a different colour, you’ve got a fake. Also be sure it is the right logo Chanel is CC not GG.


No genuine bag will come with plastic anywhere on it. There will never be plastic protecting the hardware or handles on a genuine bag. Only the fakes are wrapped like that. Also be sure the bags, boxes and dust bags they come with are the ones that the genuine stores use. Check online if you are unsure.

All these things can be used to determine if you have a fake or genuine designer bag no matter what the brand is. Also check with the main web page of your designer of choice and see if they have ever sold that type of bag in that color to be sure you’re holding a genuine bag.

Lastly I would recommend you find a good forum or blog that you can ask questions on, and get feedback from other people who are also looking for or buying discount designer bags. There are some dedicated to discussing fake and genuine bags and also authentication sites. Jump online and check them out!

Wendy McCallum, the author of this article offers more information about bargain shopping for genuine and fake designer bags/ shoes/ sunglasses on her blog

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