Espresso Machine Reviews – A Top Five Espresso Machine Review

When you are driving to your local coffee house each day wondering, “Could I get the same tasting espresso, at home?” Yes, you can for even less per day then a trip to Starbucks and this can be accomplished right in your own kitchen.

I have reviewed my top five espresso machines; so you as the consumer can begin to understand that whether you are an aspiring barista, or have just started making espresso, you can enjoy making and drinking your favorite hot beverage.

There are a few different types of espresso makers I will review, from the automatic machines that can do everything from grind the beans, heat your cup, and tell you when it’s time to clean the machine.

Be prepared for a higher price when you review the automatic machine, but if you are looking for the espresso maker that can do all the things I mentioned above then this may be what you are looking for.

If you are sticker shy, and don’t want to spend more than a few hundred dollars there are some other options you may want to try, such as a one touch brewer without all the bells and whistles that go with the automatic.

Let’s review my top five Espresso Machines:

DeLonghi Magnifica Espresso Maker

Made in Italy where they know espresso! One of my favorites I have reviewed is the Delonghi Magnifica Espresso Machine because this machine does it all, grind, brew, and it tells you when it needs to be cleaned! With purchasing the DeLonghi system you will receive a 25 oz. milk container and two detachable lids, one for frothed milk to make cappuccinos and the other for steamed milk to make lattes if that is your desire.

A hot water spout for tea and even hot chocolate for the kiddies! This espresso maker will give any aspiring barista a leg up on learning to make the best cup of espresso! The DeLonghi Magnifica is one of the espresso makers that is on the high end of pricing, but as you have seen, it does everything for you!


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