LYF Review – Is the LYF Network Your Way to Luxury and Well Being?

Can LYF give you a life full of luxury and well being? And can they deliver you your new lifestyle over the long haul?

This LYF review is intended to share with you some key points to think about before you decide to join this business. I do not represent this company, so this review is totally unbiased.

LYF Review

LYF is a new network marketing business targeting 4 swiftly developing market areas:

1. Health and Wellness,
2. Personal Care,
3. Home Care, and
4. Technology.

LYF officially began its pre-launch phase on April 29th, 2010 in Santa Monica, California. The company projects its formal launch for sometime in September, 2010.

The Executive Team

Michael S. Han is the founder and innovative force guiding LYF. Prior to starting this opportunity, Mr. Han founded Envion in January 2002. Mr. Han has numerous years of experience and significant investments in various businesses, including renewable energy, telecommunications, Internet, and direct marketing.

Antony Ho, Co-Founder of the company, has served as a senior executive in several Fortune 500 companies.

The company’s Internet site,, will give you a more complete view of the complete executive team. From what I looked at, this business is staffed with solid leadership positioned for worldwide growth.

Their Products – Here is a quick review of their 4 product categories:

1. Health and Wellness

LYFSOURCE A2 IRB — provides the super antioxidant properties of the acai berry in a flavorful soft chew that you can take daily as a nutritional supplement.

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