5 Things the Internet Masters Do Online Making Money – Never Shared – Just for You

Hi Friends,

Thank God for a new year, and this very hour. Many things have gone by, events and scenarios. My last three years have been very interesting because I have had the best and worst of times. Best of times due to the events that led me to my prosperity and worst of times due to events that made me almost lose it all. I am an online marketer and my entire life at this period is dedicated to the internet, those bad times in my journey made me a real internet junkie as I was being called by my friends, associates and even my wife.

Success seemed so far, I was looking for the magic to make me be like the masters who were already established and I had to spend thousands of dollars buying the knowledge and skills required to make it. I built relationships with the best of the best in the internet world, the popular names you name became my mentors and I vowed to do what they did to succeed and that is what I am revealing here to those who care and wish to save the many years I chased about; if you do these things as simple as they may be, then you will be telling the same good news I share with people around the globe in my seminars, webinars and other channels.

This is actually for those who are doing online business, for blogger s, marketers, advertisers, online money making channels; Whichever part you are as mentioned above, the whole summary of the internet scenario thus the word “GLOBALIZATION” is business, and in this year 2011, business will not be as usual because knowledge have increased and people know the difference between the colors RED and ORANGE.

This is what the gurus make look so complex and get people confused on trial and error schemes. Whatever you do on the internet, there is only one magic word I respect and that is where the success is hidden. You can build the most beautiful business online but if you lack this content you will just remain stagnant. You want to know the word, you already know it, it is the word traffic. The traffic is where the customers lie and that is where the money dwells. Making it online for you from this point is going to be like a simple stroll through the park with your buddy. This may be what you had heard before but overlooked and I am seriously employing you to take it more to work now as it will be bringing in the results beyond your imagination even while you are sleeping.

The first is pay very good attention to the topic/subject of your sales page, web pages, newsletters e.t.c. If the topic is great, a subject that is of a high keyword parameter, then you have just fulfilled the first part of traffic attraction. Narrow it to not exceed 60 words.

Secondly, pay attention to the meta tags or keywords of sales page, web pages, newsletters e.t.c. the keywords and tags should be that which conforms to what you are dealing on related to your topic/subject and try to narrow it to not more than 300 words.

Thirdly, take care of the comments, some how similar to the description of your sales page, web pages, newsletters e.t.c.

Fourthly, if you can afford it obtain good and tested available software that will help to automate most of your manual jobs online, I use some and have actually boosted my profits in a very short space of time, I only obtain such when I am very sure of its use and power/effectiveness and I only get them from one place, see place at the end of this discuss below. I will not boast of my earnings here on e zine but they are in the ranks of the top executives in the biggest corporations in New York; now you can imagine it. This takes care of so many things right from optimization to the highest level of traffic collection you can dream of; this where the gurus get it best, with the combination of the first to the fourth.

Fifthly, which is actually the number one thing to consider in your online business is to have quality content and services, something that prospects can help you talk about, because if it is useful and has helped one person, that one person can help you with the words of his mouth and reviews help you broadcast it to more traffic channels; I have had over a thousand clients who were referred to me just by word of mouth from clients who were happy with my services.

The above discuss summarizes on the highest level of optimization and can only be achievable if you simply do those simple things.

Hundreds of thousands of people worldwide are benefiting from my mentor-ship too and can only get better when I continue to give my best.

It’s that easy, when you have it in your mind first that this is just as other professional jobs out there, the same work routine the bankers, engineers, oil merchants are doing but just a slight difference in approach, it is work as usual and until you work it out, it only remains a dream, a big wish.

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