Scam! The Online Marketing Buzz Word

I would like to share with you a key source of information about the online marketing world. The word “scam” is used as one of the most powerful selling words you can find. Don’t take my word for it. If you look the word “scam” up in Google AdWords you will find 1,830,000 hits a month. What does that mean to you the reader? It means they are getting you to read their advertisement with one single word alone and that word is SCAM.

The fact of an online business is it is marketing. There is no way to get someone to see your product or service without it. The downfall I would like to point out here is; using the word “scam” to market has become so common that to find out the true value of a product or service is very difficult. Before I invest money in something I want to know its value. The question then becomes, what is the value behind the online income websites? Do they make money?

If you are reading this article it is for one of two reasons: you either have your own online business, or you are looking to start one. In either case, I strongly recommend you don’t do your research by typing the word “scam” into any search engine. Out of the top searches that come up; you will see great reviews on the product you are looking for. Now, there are hundreds of ways to find out the value of an online business if you do your research.

The true value is usually found with the product itself. There is nothing in life that does not have risk. A good example of this is: going to the grocery store to get some peanut butter cookies only to find they are recalled because of salmonellae. You may have thought you had a good product, you may even have used the product before, but some times even to the best of our knowledge we still get a bad product. Does that make the product a scam? No.

In conclusion to this article there are scams out there. Usually these are very easy to spot. When the claims are outrageous, or the they say “you too could be making a million dollars a month with this simple system” it is probably a scam. As far as home based businesses go; most of them are real opportunities and like anything else they take work. Some online businesses will charge you hundreds of dollars to get started, some will cost you very little initially. Sooner or later if you are running a business you will be required to invest in that business. The key to a good online business is you invest what you gain.

My personal experience with online marketing has led me to write this article. I like to know what it is I am getting when I make a purchase. I have made bad purchases trying to start an online business and lost money. Was it a scam? No. I did not have the knowledge, the tools, or the capitol for those particular businesses to work. If you are new to online marketing and don’t have a large budget to work with then find online systems that are tailored for you.

The same is true if you have a lot of resources to work with; find the system that is tailored for you. The end result is, there is no sure way to make money online. There are no guarantees. For the most part, what makes an online business is work and effort.

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