Advanced Soft Switches and Billing Management Services – A Boon for Telecom Carriers

The advantages provided by VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) have eventually led to its popularity and demand everywhere. It provides better voice quality in terms of voice communication, at an affordable rate and also offers multiple other features (voice, data, video etc) through a single network. With more people using it, there is also an increasing billing management workload on the VoIP operators and telecom carriers worldwide. Manual billing usually slows down an organization of VoIP operators and VoIP Termination service providers as it consumes more time and results in many errors as well. It can result in lesser efficiency and loss in revenues for the operators.

Therefore, an advanced and dependable management system is required in every VoIP operators’ organization that can save time, increase productivity and improve billing accuracy. Just like an accountant handles an organization’s finance related tasks, softswitch and VoIP billing management service providers offer expert handling of VoIP softswitch and billing¬† IT Support Company¬†solutions. Telecom carriers from across the world can also completely outsource their hosted switch technology to softswitch management services providers while they can focus on their main business of making their company profitable.

By outsourcing its hosted softswitch technology to an efficient and reliable softswitch management service provider, a telecom carrier organization can benefit in various ways like:

* reduce time to market by avoiding delays related to obtaining excessive funds, building infrastructure setup, and recruiting/ training a technical team
* reduce ownership and operational cost
* getting trained and experienced core NGN Engineers to manage their switching operations
* scale up/ down its system capacity within no time
* Ease of choosing from amongst different payment plans as per business requirement, for instance, based on number of E1s/ Ports/ Minutes and more.

If you are in the telecom carrier business and want to outsource your billing management to grow your niche business and yet be on the safe side, you need to be careful while you choose a provider of such a service. While choosing a softswitch management service provider, you should look if one has dedicated switch partition engineering available round the clock. It should also offer flexible packages with different minimum usage levels and instantaneous scalability in system capacity for hosted soft switch. You should be able to have complete access to the partition on the softswitch and the comprehensive switch partition reporting module.

Similarly, a little research is required while choosing a hosted VoIP billing & VoIP wholesale management solution. A good one usually has a proper knowledge of the VoIP switching world and is able to provide detailed analysis, reporting and billing generation. The billing system should be elaborate yet fast enough to save time. The service provider should also be able to customize its services and products according to your requirements. A good billing system is usually highly scalable to handle millions of CDRs, high on availability, supports complex business arrangements and payment mechanisms, provides role based access to the system, has advanced analytic, profit and loss reporting and much more.

To thrive in a telecom carrier business, skilful billing management is crucial as their will be millions of switching and bills (as you gain more customers) to handle. Handing this task to a service provider should be one of the utmost concerns, because its efficiency and accuracy will determine your business’ gain and loss. I hope the above few tips will help you while searching for a genuine softswitch or a hosted VoIP billing management service provider.


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