3 Top Affiliate Tips On How to Make Money Online Through Affiliate Marketing

Today I’d like to share three top tips with you on how to make money through affiliate marketing.

Lets face it, the great thing about affiliate marketing is that there are no upfront charges and to earn money, you don’t really require any special skills. legrosjambon To be honest the only thing you need to make money online as an affiliate marketer is a desire to succeed and the ability to apply proven marketing strategies that are already working for successful affiliates.

Affiliate marketing success comes by applying various marketing methods and strategies, you just need to find out what works and apply them to your affiliate business.

My 3 Affiliate Marketing Top Tips for Today…

Top Tip #1

You must find a hot target market before you promote any affiliate products or services.

So many affiliates try and promote products or services without researching the market first. It’s crazy but, that’s what 95% of affiliate marketer’s do. So please, find a hungry market before trying to sell your choice of affiliate product or service, it will be so much easier in the long run and much more profitable.

So where do you do your research? How do you find out where the hot target markets are in the first place? You could use the “Free Google Keyword Research Tool”, just go to Google and search for that, it will be in the first few results you see listed. You can use that free tool to find out how many people search for any specific search term in a month.

Example keywords I would search for; affiliate, affiliate marketing, affiliate marketer, affiliate tips I’d put any of these terms into the “Google Keyword Research Tool” and it would bring back a list of related keywords and the results on these search terms to date.

Another place to do research is ClickBank.

If you are intending to sell information products, check out the “ClickBank Marketplace”, ClickBank is the largest online marketplace for information products. You will need to create a free account with them but when you do you will be able to check out what niche products are hot sellers at the moment and what are not.

To find out the hot sellers at the moment you search through each category in the marketplace and choose to view products in order of gravity. The higher the gravity the better. But as a general rule of thumb, products with a gravity of 10+ are considered profitable.

Top Tip #2

Create a squeeze page or optin page to gather leads and build a mailing list of your own in your chosen niche.

This is probably the most important step that new affiliate marketers don’t do. Most find a great product to market, it has a great sales page promoting a great product and many new affiliates promote the direct link to the affiliate sales page. This is really crazy, these affiliates are leaving money on the table and missing out on thousands of future dollars.

By creating a simple squeeze page related to their intended promotion, affiliates can gather leads and build their own mailing lists. By doing this affiliates are building a list of people interested in a specific niche topic, in future they will be able to market to that list over and over again with related products or services.

So what should affiliate marketers put on these squeeze pages or landing pages to gather leads?

Well an example would be a free report, eBook or ecourse related to the niche market they are targeting. Squeeze pages can be very basic and really don’t need to be anything else but that. Sure some are really fancy but some of the simplest can be the highest converting and that’s what counts at the end of the day, high converting squeeze pages, the higher the conversions the better.

Start to build a swipe file for creating your own squeeze pages in the future. A swipe file is basically a collection of all your favourite squeeze pages saved to a folder on your computer, this could be bookmarked pages or links you have saved to a text file. You would then refer to these when creating squeeze pages in the future for Ideas. Over time this swipe file could become a product to share with others.

Top Tip #3

Build relationships with everyone online. As an affiliate marketer you must learn to build relationships online. These relationships will become part of your online business building strategy. Help as many people as possible without wanting anything back. People will realize that you are not just after their money. As in real life it’s all about giving as well as receiving, try giving 70% of the time as part of your marketing strategy. Give 70%, Take 30%. People will love you for it.

Give free reports, free content, free information, free memberships, just share free stuff even if it’s not yours, don’t forget, many of these free things are available through good affiliate programs to help with promotions and so even though you appear to be giving away lots of free stuff, you are still aligned to make more money at the backend.

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